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It is so important that you know that you are loved.  Totally loved, just like you are.  God made you and He cares about you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you aren’t perfect.

We hope that because you are so valued, you will talk to your parents about Internet safety.  Here are a few rules to keep you safe:

  1.  Never friend someone on the Internet or follow them on Instagram or Facebook if you don’t know them personally.  
  2. Always keep your personal information, like birth dates, school, important number identifiers, and your address and phone number PRIVATE.  Never tell that to anyone who you don’t know.  They can get that information from your parents if they have a need to know it.
  3. Be the smart person that God made you to be–always question things you see on the Internet.  A lot of it is just not real.
  4. Don’t post photos of yourself or others without their permission and your parent’s permission.
  5. Share your Internet passwords to all sites and apps that you use with your parents–but DO NOT share it with friends, even your best friend.  
  6. If someone or something that you see online or in person makes you feel uncomfortable or pressured, tell your parents or other adult who can help you.
  7. Never meet with someone you don’t know in person.  Even if that person tells you they are your age, never EVER go somewhere to meet someone you don’t know.  If you really want to meet them, set up a meeting that your parents can be at in a public place.
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