It’s a new …US!

May 2016 (909)Spring is an amazing season.  Things go from dormant to vibrant—the smells are incredible, the energy is infectious.  

There is something exciting about the start of something new.   In the next few weeks, Xpose Hope will have a new website.  We are excited because it is being designed by an amazing web design firm, Icon, and because we feel the designer captured exactly the message we want to share with all of you.

And it’s great that it is coming out in this new season. 

We all have seasons in our lives.   There are times we remember as being full of promise, and excitement, and other times when just nothing seemed to go right.   Those sad seasons help us to appreciate the joyful seasons.   Life is a series of ups and downs…but the good thing about these seasons is that we always have time to renew.

As the director, I often speak to women’s groups about revitalization—renewing.   Remembering who we are, and readjusting so that we can center our lives on what is important to us.   Too often, we get so busy in life with jobs, bills, friends, relationships, maybe kids—that we forget why we are doing it all–and what is really important to us.

The other night in a club, one of the ladies said she renewed her relationship with her mom and grandmother over Easter.  What a great time to reach back to those things that are important, and refresh.

When you were younger—10-12-14 year old, what were your dreams?  What was important to you?  Was it family?  Friends?  Music?  Dance?  Did you dream of being in the opera or the operating room?  As we grow up, things change—goals change.  But we are never too old to reinvent relationships and our focus. 

Is there a call you’ve been meaning to make?  A relationship you have let go stale?  It’s spring…what a great time to refresh your life with renewed vigor!  

We hope you love the new website.  There will be areas for those in the industry, for those who own or manage clubs, for donors, and volunteers.   We hope that it reminds you of the love we have for you…because we do.    We hope too, it will encourage you to try new things…every day!   Because your possibilities are endless–you contain any future you want.  Start a new chapter–write a song, hug an old or new friend, take up parasailing…  Reinvent and renew!


About Xpose Hope

Xpose Hope is an organization that reaches out to men and women in the adult entertainment industry, to show the love of Jesus and remind them of their value.

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