We love you too!

After we go out, we love getting emails, Facebook and Instagram posts from the ladies we visit.  Sometimes, they just want to say “thank you” and sometimes they have a pressing need.  Honestly, we are happy that they know they are worthy of the attention and that we care.fb

It’s a tough job.  If you have never stood for 8-10 hours in stilettos, wrecked your back to get into positions that would make the folks at Cirque Du Soleil wonder how you did that, and gone out to have your car not start, you really can’t understand the life of a dancer. It’s not an easy life, but it pays the bills, and it keeps food on the table.  

We also love our bouncers and club managers.  They are kind to us, though we know they must wonder what our “angle” is…it’s hard for them to believe, too, that we really want nothing in return.  We aren’t in the clubs to condemn or to pull the girls out.  We actually want them to know that there is someone out there who cares, and cared enough to die for them.  When they feel totally alone, that someone thinks they are the BOMB!  And He always will, because He created them.  There is nothing they can do or need to do to earn that love.  When it’s dark and lonely, we want them to know they are not alone.  That’s it.  

The bouncers and managers keep us safe, and they smile when we arrive.  That’s our total payment, and we love it.  We hope they also know that we care about them, we don’t discriminate between dancers and bouncers–Jesus loves you all and so do we.  

Sure, it’s just earrings, a bracelet, cookies, maybe some requested brownies that we bring.  All things that are not beyond the reach of the recipient to get for themselves.  But we bring it with the gift of ourselves, and you know what, with hugs and Facebook messages, the staff of these clubs love us back.  

Paying it forward…just to share the love. 


About Xpose Hope

Xpose Hope is an organization that reaches out to men and women in the adult entertainment industry, to show the love of Jesus and remind them of their value.

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