Monthly Archives: April 2016

Into the Night…

On any given weekend evening, our team ventures out.  We go out with bags of gifts–earrings, chocolate dipped strawberries, coffee mugs, bath salts…but more than that, we take with us the greatest gift of all.  Love.

Why do we leave our families to venture out into the night?  Into a world that so much of Portland tries to pretend does not exist?  Because it does exist, and there are women and men there who need to know that God loves them.  He doesn’t love them when they are cleaned up, different or when and if they change.  He loves them now.  He loves them during.  He loves them when.  He always has, and He always will.12923088_205581143147626_8384558690596619529_n

It’s an interesting world, one filled with ID checks, hard drinks, and the drag of a cigarette outside the doors.  But some of the most real people that you’ll ever meet are behind those doors.  Some of the sweetest people–some of the most amazing talents–are waiting there.  My life has been made better by knowing these people.

Into the night we step, to give a hug, to check on a pregnant mama, to see how business is going and if anyone needs help to hold a curling iron.  We offer snacks, Starbucks cards, and homemade organic lip balm, and in return, we are given compassion and love.

On any given weekend evening, we are chatting about babies, and sore backs and late electric bills.  We are conversing with baristas who wear pasties, and bartenders who love a good homemade cookie once in a while.  We’re offering rides if cars break down, and knowing that in return, if these folks saw us in need, they’d help us too.

On any given weekend night, we are popping into see those we see as friends, as sisters and brothers.  And we appreciate the few minutes they take to let us do that.  Because on those nights, we are being given so much more than we could ever take in a bag with a bow.

For on those nights, the men and women of the Portland adult entertainment industry are returning the gift that we brought…  love.

Thank you Portland. 🙂