Monthly Archives: January 2016

Xposing Ourselves

Three women met in a small office a few weeks back, all drawn to the mission of sending out love to those in the adult entertainment industry in the form of gifts, hugs and notes.  There was no way to monetize or physically count the gains from such an effort.  In reality, the entire offering could be rebuffed by those to whom it is given.  Yet all three felt drawn to these women and men.  All three believed that God had placed them in that office, at that moment, to begin something with no foreseeable end, because the need is so great.

In reality however, Xpose Hope begins with broken people.  All three of are imperfect.  All three have issues with which Jesus patiently deals.  All three owe a debt we cannot ever pay on our own for the wrongs we have done.

And so we are grateful.  Grateful that someone loved us when we were unlovable.  When we were broken and without hope.  When we were naked before the one who made us with no excuses.  And Jesus looked at us, and loved us.

We come from different backgrounds, some from picture perfect families, others not, and one from a family broken by the death of a mother.  One of us had never entered a strip club before this adventure began, one of us had personally walked the runway, so walking into the dimly lit lounge room and costumed strewn dressing rooms was, in a way, like going home.

We don’t enter into the community of late night and adult entertainment as ones who have all the answers.  We just go out to love, to cherish, to hug.  We hope that in this effort, some, who like us are imperfect–broken even, will be reminded that they are loved.

Jesus doesn’t really have a lot of concern about what we do for a living.  He cares about HOW we are living, and how He can help us live fully.  He wants to love on us.  It’s more about where we are going when this is all over than where we have come from.  Because we all come from what church folks like to call “the mire”….the mud, the despair, the mess.  But it’s hard to believe that someone knows you like that,  when you feel “less than”, used or embattled, and yet that someone really cares.  That’s where we hope, our physical gifts can be a reminder that yes, you are worthy.  You are valued, you are loved.  And inside and out, you are wonderfully made!  (Psalm 139:14-16)